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Results: 2020-2021

Vinita Super Hornet Open   -   Div V
(Note: ** indicates 6+ entries in the bracket)

92 (Not Placed) Jase Hanna NE Grove Takedown Club

119 (Not Placed) ty Cherry NE Dark Cloud Wrestling

170 (Not Placed) Aiden Wolf NE Dark Cloud Wrestling

155 (Not Placed) Konway Williamson NE Jay Wrestling Club

155 (Not Placed) Tyler Murray NE Jay Wrestling Club

106 (Not Placed) Zoey Freeman NW Bristow Elementary Wrestling Club

155 (Not Placed) Tye Merrill NE Grove Takedown Club

132 (Not Placed) John Lowery NE Grove Takedown Club

119 (Not Placed) Deringer Hollenbeck NE Grove Takedown Club

98 (Not Placed) Tyler Fitzgerald C 73 Wrestling

155 (Not Placed) Rich Hart NW Perkins

98 (Not Placed) Cadyn Burns NW Perkins

140 (Not Placed) Johnathon Hogner NE Tahlequah

119 (Not Placed) Mark Webb NE Vinita Kids Wrestling

112 (Not Placed) John Webb NE Vinita Kids Wrestling

140 (Not Placed) Levi Owens NE Vinita Kids Wrestling

155 (Not Placed) Sean Mahoney NE Vinita Kids Wrestling

132 (Not Placed) Grady Freeman NE Miami Takedown Club

155 (Not Placed) Bryson Thomas NE Collinsville Cardinal Wrestling


126 1 Jaxon Turner NE Grove Takedown Club


126 2 Gunner Huffman NE Vinita Kids Wrestling


126 3 Gavin Wyatt NE Grove Takedown Club