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Results: 2020-2021

Kingfisher Open   -   Div V
(Note: ** indicates 6+ entries in the bracket)

170 (Not Placed) Tanner Glover S Guymon Wrestling Club

170 (Not Placed) Kayson Holman C StandFast Wrestling

155 (Not Placed) Ryan Martindale C StandFast Wrestling

155 (Not Placed) Keller Troxell C StandFast Wrestling

155 (Not Placed) Dane Wendorff C StandFast Wrestling

132 (Not Placed) Mason McPherson S Tecumseh Takedown Club

106 (Not Placed) Wesley Madden C 73 Wrestling

112 (Not Placed) Charlie Magill S Weatherford Youth

155 (Not Placed) River Arenas S Guymon Wrestling Club

170 (Not Placed) Riddick Aton S Guymon Wrestling Club

132 (Not Placed) Julian Gomez-Camargo C StandFast Wrestling

126 (Not Placed) Grady LeGrange S Guymon Wrestling Club

140 (Not Placed) Jaysen Macias S Guymon Wrestling Club

132 (Not Placed) Tarick Watson S Guymon Wrestling Club

80 (Not Placed) Jaxon Kennedy C StandFast Wrestling

155 (Not Placed) Noah Hayden C Division Bell Wrestling

126 (Not Placed) Jory Garrett Jr C Ironman Wrestling

170 (Not Placed) Rance Ridley C Ironman Wrestling

98 (Not Placed) Gage Simons C Ironman Wrestling

80 (Not Placed) Sonny Holladay S Elk City Elks

98 (Not Placed) Daniel Prior C Noble TakeDown Club

126 (Not Placed) Brandon Sharp C Noble TakeDown Club

170 (Not Placed) Justin (Chase) Sumrall C Noble TakeDown Club

155 (Not Placed) Migel Ybarra S HBT Grapplers

170 (Not Placed) Titan Hix NW Hennessey Takedown Club

119 (Not Placed) Anderson Cofer S Piedmont

155 (Not Placed) Jak Jantz S Piedmont

119 (Not Placed) Austin Wilson NW Woodland Wrestling Club

140 (Not Placed) Cason Cobb S Elk City Elks

112 (Not Placed) Noah Lovelady C Noble TakeDown Club

140 (Not Placed) Kyle Harrall S Prodigy Wrestling

132 (Not Placed) James Martin S Mangum Tigers

106 (Not Placed) Alijandro Rivera S Mangum Tigers

112 (Not Placed) Dakota Dahlenburg S Hinton

106 (Not Placed) Jagor Turner S Hinton

106 (Not Placed) Cadyn Burns NW Perkins

155 (Not Placed) Rich Hart NW Perkins

285 (Not Placed) Josh Hoover NW Perkins