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Results: 2020-2021

OKWA Southern Regionals   -   Div V
(Note: ** indicates 6+ entries in the bracket)

140 (Not Placed) Ian Mitchell S Piedmont

285 (Not Placed) Devyn Anderson S HWT

285 (Not Placed) Samuel Lindsey S Blue Devil Wrestling Club

92 (Not Placed) Hayden Wright S Prodigy Wrestling

119 (Not Placed) Syhire Roosa S Prodigy Wrestling

126 (Not Placed) Matthew Revas S Prodigy Wrestling

140 (Not Placed) Kyle Harrall S Prodigy Wrestling

106 (Not Placed) Javin Douglas S Prodigy Wrestling

86 (Not Placed) Eric Casula S Prodigy Wrestling

195 (Not Placed) Matthew Stockton S Piedmont

92 (Not Placed) Marshal Mansfield S HWT

155 (Not Placed) Jayden Fuston S Piedmont

119 (Not Placed) Anderson Cofer S Piedmont

80 (Not Placed) Sonny Holladay S Elk City Elks

140 (Not Placed) Cason Cobb S Elk City Elks

155 (Not Placed) Migel Ybarra S HBT Grapplers

140 (Not Placed) Leon Washington S HBT Grapplers

132 (Not Placed) Davis Reents S HBT Grapplers

285 (Not Placed) Flint Martin S HBT Grapplers

106 (Not Placed) Clint Longanacre S Chickasha

119 (Not Placed) Brayden Kochenower S Kingfisher

92 (Not Placed) Casen Chlouber S Kingfisher

155 (Not Placed) Robert Barnett S Kingfisher

155 (Not Placed) Ritson Meyer S Elgin Grapplers

126 (Not Placed) David Halliburton S Elgin Grapplers

285 (Not Placed) Cecil Robinson S Chickasha

80 (Not Placed) Jarrett Patty S Chickasha

106 (Not Placed) Kyle McMahan S Chickasha

132 (Not Placed) Ulices Lopez S Chickasha

140 (Not Placed) Rhett Madden S HBT Grapplers

98 (Not Placed) Colby Longanacre S Chickasha

155 (Not Placed) Brayden Dougherty S Chickasha

195 (Not Placed) Keaton Day S Chickasha

155 (Not Placed) Tyren Carter S Chickasha

80 (Not Placed) Canaan Brummet S Chickasha

86 (Not Placed) Kobi Bennett S Chickasha

285 (Not Placed) Ayden Benitez S Chickasha

112 (Not Placed) Cole Beier S Chickasha

132 (Not Placed) Xander Rhynes S Ada Wrestling

195 (Not Placed) Jaxon Cuesta S SEO Wrestling

80 (Not Placed) Jake Noble S Highlander Wrestling

140 (Not Placed) Christian Morales S Highlander Wrestling

126 (Not Placed) Cooper Moses S Weatherford Youth

285 (Not Placed) Grayson Maley S Clinton Youth Wrestling

132 (Not Placed) Marcelo Juarez S Clinton Youth Wrestling

126 (Not Placed) moises cantu S Clinton Youth Wrestling

119 (Not Placed) CHRISTIAN BERMEA S Clinton Youth Wrestling

285 (Not Placed) Jacob Thomas S Ada Wrestling

132 (Not Placed) Adam Haney S SEO Wrestling

140 (Not Placed) Braydon Prince S Ada Wrestling

170 (Not Placed) Agustin Palma S Ada Wrestling

98 (Not Placed) Kaden Lavielle S Ada Wrestling

195 (Not Placed) William Johnson S Ada Wrestling

106 (Not Placed) Lane Haines S Ada Wrestling

126 (Not Placed) Carver Gregory S Ada Wrestling

155 (Not Placed) JB Coyle S Ada Wrestling

195 (Not Placed) Jagger Caldwell S Ada Wrestling

112 (Not Placed) Bryson Rasnic S Hinton

119 (Not Placed) AJ King S HBT Grapplers

155 (Not Placed) Jamrques Dye S HBT Grapplers

140 (Not Placed) Trey Cole S HBT Grapplers

106 (Not Placed) Trent Carter S HBT Grapplers

106 (Not Placed) Elizabeth Wann S Wilburton Takedown Club

80 (Not Placed) Brett Paxton S Wilburton Takedown Club

195 (Not Placed) rusty paxton S Wilburton Takedown Club

106 (Not Placed) Jagor Turner S Hinton

106 (Not Placed) Jake Bohannon S Ada Wrestling

155 (Not Placed) Langston Pratt S Hinton

92 (Not Placed) Colten Helms S Hinton

106 (Not Placed) Dakota Dahlenburg S Hinton

140 (Not Placed) Racer Waitman S SEO Wrestling

132 (Not Placed) Rowdy Waitman S SEO Wrestling

140 (Not Placed) Riley Waitman S SEO Wrestling

140 (Not Placed) Austin Solis S SEO Wrestling

195 (Not Placed) Hunter Romero S SEO Wrestling