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Results: 2020-2021

Kingfisher Open   -   Div IV
(Note: ** indicates 6+ entries in the bracket)

84 (Not Placed) Jake Hart NW Perkins

130 (Not Placed) Brayden Trogdon S Piedmont

84 (Not Placed) Dallie Bledsoe NW Woodland Wrestling Club

110 (Not Placed) Titan Washington NW Woodland Wrestling Club

73 (Not Placed) Micheal Forester S Elk City Elks

120 (Not Placed) Braxten Antuna S Anadarko

100 (Not Placed) Wesley Davies C Ironman Wrestling

HWT (Not Placed) Jack Mendoza C Ironman Wrestling

84 (Not Placed) Brayson Gordon S Watonga Blaine County Grapplers

88 (Not Placed) Jaxon Sheppard S Watonga Blaine County Grapplers

105 (Not Placed) Pryce McClure S Piedmont

88 (Not Placed) Dru Turner S Hinton

67 (Not Placed) Jayden Hazard NW Tonkawa Wrestling

67 (Not Placed) Ashton Fee NW Enid Youth Wrestling

80 (Not Placed) Jaxon Kennedy C StandFast Wrestling

96 (Not Placed) Jacob Peterson C StandFast Wrestling

96 (Not Placed) Jaren Peterson C StandFast Wrestling

110 (Not Placed) Chase Robinson C StandFast Wrestling

HWT (Not Placed) Shooter Mayabb S HBT Grapplers

120 (Not Placed) Rion West S HBT Grapplers

92 (Not Placed) Kyson Blocker S Kingfisher

84 (Not Placed) Ethan Prior C Noble TakeDown Club

80 (Not Placed) Karston Boyer NW Blackwell Wrestling Club

100 (Not Placed) Trayton Bryant NW Blackwell Wrestling Club

84 (Not Placed) Kyla Widener NW Blackwell Wrestling Club

HWT (Not Placed) James Looper NW Blackwell Wrestling Club

110 (Not Placed) Camden Lovell NW Blackwell Wrestling Club

96 (Not Placed) Andrew Young NW Blackwell Wrestling Club

120 (Not Placed) Preston King S Weatherford Youth

80 (Not Placed) Lane Burnam S Mangum Tigers

88 (Not Placed) Steven Stevie Hawkins C Noble TakeDown Club

64 (Not Placed) Cale Browning S Kingfisher

88 (Not Placed) Cooper Davis S Kingfisher

96 (Not Placed) Bradley Gallia NW Hennessey Takedown Club

92 (Not Placed) Daxton Adams S Piedmont

120 (Not Placed) Fonzy Borjas S Piedmont

73 (Not Placed) Harrison Cofer S Piedmont

88 (Not Placed) Brody Heusel S Piedmont

110 (Not Placed) Jude Jantz S Piedmont