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Results: 2020-2021

(Note: ** indicates 6+ entries in the bracket)

HWT (Not Placed) Freddy Frazier NW Pawnee Black Bear Wrestling

92 (Not Placed) Renesmee Tecumseh NW Mojo Grappling

92 (Not Placed) Branden Curtis C Westmoore Wrestling Club

80 (Not Placed) Kale Daugherty C Westmoore Wrestling Club

130 (Not Placed) Cameron Hall C Westmoore Wrestling Club

HWT (Not Placed) Jacob Tumblson C Westmoore Wrestling Club

84 (Not Placed) Kyron Nash NW Berryhill Wrestling

HWT (Not Placed) Riley Bacon NE Jay Wrestling Club

120 (Not Placed) Gage Mason NW Davenport Dawg Pound Wrestling

80 (Not Placed) Bryson States NW Davenport Dawg Pound Wrestling

140 (Not Placed) Rayden Watkins NW Davenport Dawg Pound Wrestling

105 (Not Placed) Jakob White NW Davenport Dawg Pound Wrestling

110 (Not Placed) Carson Ugrich NE Bixby Wrestling Club

70 (Not Placed) Jude Ward NE Bixby Wrestling Club

80 (Not Placed) Karston Boyer NW Blackwell Wrestling Club

84 (Not Placed) Parker Estep NW Blackwell Wrestling Club

120 (Not Placed) Chase Price S Kingfisher

84 (Not Placed) Ashton Lankford S HBT Grapplers

73 (Not Placed) Jonathan Allgood S HBT Grapplers

92 (Not Placed) Zayden Blay S Piedmont

120 (Not Placed) Fonzy Borjas S Piedmont

120 (Not Placed) Dawson Davidson S Piedmont

76 (Not Placed) Colter Karber S Piedmont

92 (Not Placed) Noah Patterson S Piedmont

130 (Not Placed) Hunter Spencer S Piedmont

130 (Not Placed) Brayden Trogdon S Piedmont

120 (Not Placed) Jackson Keasler S Weatherford Youth

88 (Not Placed) Alston Martin S Weatherford Youth

92 (Not Placed) Connor Silman S Weatherford Youth

80 (Not Placed) Devin Murfin NW Chandler Takedown Club

96 (Not Placed) Gabriel Tucker S Greenfield B.A.' s

88 (Not Placed) matthew gonzalez NE Hurricane Wrestling Academy

96 (Not Placed) Donovan Wilson NE Hurricane Wrestling Academy

64 (Not Placed) Jacob Baer NW Sperry Elementary Wrestling Club

76 (Not Placed) Kannon Shelton NW Sperry Elementary Wrestling Club

84 (Not Placed) Dallie Bledsoe NW Woodland Wrestling Club

110 (Not Placed) Titan Washington NW Woodland Wrestling Club

110 (Not Placed) Addysen Thrash S Anadarko

80 (Not Placed) Aubrey Wright S Anadarko

88 (Not Placed) Rhett Howe NE Miami Takedown Club

130 (Not Placed) Ashtian Taylor S Wilburton Takedown Club

96 (Not Placed) Hunter Wann S Wilburton Takedown Club

140 (Not Placed) Wyatt C Ward S Wilburton Takedown Club

140 (Not Placed) Mikah Keahbone S Elgin Grapplers

130 (Not Placed) kaiden Holladay NE Wagoner Takedown Club

88 (Not Placed) Cole Olivia NW Prague Wrestling Club

96 (Not Placed) Gentry Ward NW Prague Wrestling Club

64 (Not Placed) Bryon Allen S Tecumseh Takedown Club

140 (Not Placed) Koby Moody S Tecumseh Takedown Club

80 (Not Placed) Raiden Simmons S Tecumseh Takedown Club

76 (Not Placed) Angelina Orquiz C OKC Saints

80 (Not Placed) Julion Seymour C OKC Saints

100 (Not Placed) Billy Brand C Carl Albert Little League

120 (Not Placed) Brian Newby C Carl Albert Little League

110 (Not Placed) Maxton Mussman NE Jenks Youth Wrestling

88 (Not Placed) Isaac Newton NE Jenks Youth Wrestling

105 (Not Placed) Jacob Nicholls NE Jenks Youth Wrestling

120 (Not Placed) Tony Riddle NE Jenks Youth Wrestling

160 (Not Placed) Aven Black NW Perry Wrestling Academy

120 (Not Placed) Hunter Miner NW Perry Wrestling Academy

160 (Not Placed) Auston Cellars-Grizzle C Noble TakeDown Club

130 (Not Placed) Aubrie Davis C Noble TakeDown Club

96 (Not Placed) Parker Hager C Noble TakeDown Club

120 (Not Placed) Brandon Holman C Noble TakeDown Club

76 (Not Placed) Mason Mumford C Noble TakeDown Club

67 (Not Placed) Alexis Mumford C Noble TakeDown Club

88 (Not Placed) Koen Soell C Noble TakeDown Club

120 (Not Placed) Kbree Stinson C Noble TakeDown Club

92 (Not Placed) Dax Curtsinger NE Verdigris Youth Wrestling

100 (Not Placed) Peyton Stelling NE Verdigris Youth Wrestling

88 (Not Placed) Tyler Bryson C Harrah Little League Wrestling

110 (Not Placed) Sammy Byers C Harrah Little League Wrestling

80 (Not Placed) Ethan Frantz C Harrah Little League Wrestling

160 (Not Placed) Colter Hodge C Harrah Little League Wrestling

HWT (Not Placed) Jerry Welch C Harrah Little League Wrestling

110 (Not Placed) Colton Burris C Norman Grappling Club

73 (Not Placed) Booker Dahlman C Shawnee Takedown Club

100 (Not Placed) Max Hilton C Shawnee Takedown Club

88 (Not Placed) Noah Lohmann NE Team Icefighter

120 (Not Placed) Azariah Rainwater NE Team Icefighter

84 (Not Placed) Jaraett Sims NE Team Icefighter

HWT (Not Placed) Chloe Vawter C Little Axe Takedown Club

HWT (Not Placed) Riley Dixon NE Pryor Elementary Wrestling

76 (Not Placed) Hayden Farnsworth NE Pryor Elementary Wrestling

80 (Not Placed) Kaleb Kelley NE Pryor Elementary Wrestling

70 (Not Placed) Tommy Jr Parker NE Pryor Elementary Wrestling

92 (Not Placed) Christopher Burchett NE Checotah Matcats

64 (Not Placed) Jaydon Majors NE Checotah Matcats

84 (Not Placed) Ty Brooks NE Second to None

130 (Not Placed) Kaden Claybrook NE Second to None

88 (Not Placed) Evan Jameson NE Second to None

96 (Not Placed) Cole Owings NE Second to None

84 (Not Placed) Gideon Torres NE Second to None

92 (Not Placed) Ethan Uyetake NE Second to None

80 (Not Placed) Cayden Woodrich NE Second to None

80 (Not Placed) Mason Wren NE Second to None

105 (Not Placed) Bodhi Wyatt NE Second to None

160 (Not Placed) Seth Battenfield NW Bristow Elementary Wrestling Club

HWT (Not Placed) Jamarri Williams NE Cardinal Wrestling Club

120 (Not Placed) Davion Goins NE COWETA TIGER WRESTLING

80 (Not Placed) Austin Lutherbeck NE COWETA TIGER WRESTLING


88 (Not Placed) Ciarah York NE COWETA TIGER WRESTLING

70 (Not Placed) Cael Holcomb NE Black Fox Wrestling

100 (Not Placed) Zach Surowiak NE Black Fox Wrestling

130 (Not Placed) Aadin Taylor S Broken Bow Youth Wrestling

88 (Not Placed) Keynen Warren S Broken Bow Youth Wrestling

73 (Not Placed) Corbin Good NE BAWC

88 (Not Placed) Bobby Lima NE BAWC

100 (Not Placed) Benjamin Payne NE BAWC

67 (Not Placed) Liam Shipman NE BAWC

140 (Not Placed) TITUS BELL NW Scissortail Wrestling Club

110 (Not Placed) Cameron Bowman NW Scissortail Wrestling Club

80 (Not Placed) KNIGHT HOLDEN NW Scissortail Wrestling Club

96 (Not Placed) Bradley Gallia NW Hennessey Takedown Club

120 (Not Placed) Eli Moery NW Hennessey Takedown Club

HWT (Not Placed) Colt Newman NW Hennessey Takedown Club

140 (Not Placed) Wyatt Newman NW Hennessey Takedown Club

88 (Not Placed) Madison Owens NW Hennessey Takedown Club

92 (Not Placed) Trevin Smith NW Hennessey Takedown Club

84 (Not Placed) Eason Beaty C Division Bell Wrestling

88 (Not Placed) Brody Parker C Division Bell Wrestling

130 (Not Placed) Hunter Risley C Division Bell Wrestling

92 (Not Placed) Mason Black NE Vinita Kids Wrestling

100 (Not Placed) Lily Gray NE Vinita Kids Wrestling

84 (Not Placed) Brooklynn Hall NE Vinita Kids Wrestling

80 (Not Placed) Zion Harris NE Vinita Kids Wrestling

160 (Not Placed) Blaine Walker NE Vinita Kids Wrestling