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Results: 2020-2021

Harrah Open Tournament   -   Div IV
(Note: ** indicates 6+ entries in the bracket)

84 (Not Placed) Claire Lancaster C Norman Grappling Club

70 (Not Placed) C. J. Allgood S HBT Grapplers

92 (Not Placed) Huck Kline S HBT Grapplers

84 (Not Placed) Ashton Lankford S HBT Grapplers

76 (Not Placed) Jonathan Allgood S HBT Grapplers

130 (Not Placed) Jacob Arrington S Elgin Grapplers

160 (Not Placed) Tyler Goodin S Elgin Grapplers

92 (Not Placed) Kason Meyer S Elgin Grapplers

160 (Not Placed) Zayden Roberts S Elgin Grapplers

88 (Not Placed) Talon Tahdooahnippah S Elgin Grapplers

96 (Not Placed) Luke Williams S Elgin Grapplers

73 (Not Placed) Jett Kline S HBT Grapplers

96 (Not Placed) Jaret Farmer C Norman Grappling Club

84 (Not Placed) Julion Seymour C OKC Saints

160 (Not Placed) Redmond Lindsey C Norman Grappling Club

76 (Not Placed) Gage Stark C Norman Grappling Club

80 (Not Placed) Landon Earp NW Chandler Takedown Club

70 (Not Placed) Carson Aranda S Watonga Blaine County Grapplers

84 (Not Placed) Brayson Gordon S Watonga Blaine County Grapplers

80 (Not Placed) Jake Hart NW Perkins

100 (Not Placed) Khaden Cates NW Morrison

84 (Not Placed) Atticus Hoover NW Morrison

110 (Not Placed) Jamison Morton NW Morrison

96 (Not Placed) Will Hepler C Carl Albert Little League

HWT (Not Placed) Brodie (248.5#) Law NW Perry Youth Wrestling

120 (Not Placed) Landon Wilde NW Perry Youth Wrestling

100 (Not Placed) Kaden Merriman C Division Bell Wrestling

88 (Not Placed) Steven Stevie Hawkins C Noble TakeDown Club

84 (Not Placed) Ethan Prior C Noble TakeDown Club

110 (Not Placed) Titan Washington NW Woodland Wrestling Club

130 (Not Placed) Coleman Iker C ERC4

100 (Not Placed) Wesley Davies C Ironman Wrestling

HWT (Not Placed) Drake Linthicum C Ironman Wrestling

HWT (Not Placed) Jack Mendoza C Ironman Wrestling

76 (Not Placed) Jace Larman C Division Bell Wrestling

84 (Not Placed) Eason Beaty C Division Bell Wrestling

130 (Not Placed) Beau Davis C Division Bell Wrestling

105 (Not Placed) Landen Dockery C Division Bell Wrestling

88 (Not Placed) Kiesen Iwersen C Division Bell Wrestling

140 (Not Placed) Chris Edwards C Noble TakeDown Club

92 (Not Placed) Cole Stevens C Division Bell Wrestling

76 (Not Placed) Sam White C Division Bell Wrestling

96 (Not Placed) Garrett Williams C Division Bell Wrestling

92 (Not Placed) Daxton Adams S Piedmont

73 (Not Placed) Harrison Cofer S Piedmont

92 (Not Placed) Noah Patterson S Piedmont

64 (Not Placed) Cale Browning S Kingfisher

96 (Not Placed) Gabriel Tucker S Greenfield B.A.' s

88 (Not Placed) Rylan Harvey NW Prague Wrestling Club

88 (Not Placed) Hector Martinie NW Prague Wrestling Club

88 (Not Placed) Cole Olivia NW Prague Wrestling Club