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Results: 2020-2021

Kingfisher Novice   -   Div IV
(Note: ** indicates 6+ entries in the bracket)

96 (Not Placed) Myles James C Division Bell Wrestling

130 (Not Placed) Aubrie Davis C Noble TakeDown Club

88 (Not Placed) Koen Soell C Noble TakeDown Club

110 (Not Placed) Kbree Stinson C Noble TakeDown Club

140 (Not Placed) Cameron Alexander C StandFast Wrestling

88 (Not Placed) Carson Hudson C StandFast Wrestling

96 (Not Placed) Jacob Peterson C StandFast Wrestling

140 (Not Placed) Orion Spall C StandFast Wrestling

105 (Not Placed) Rylee Davis S Wilburton Takedown Club

67 (Not Placed) Laibwij Nathan NW Enid Youth Wrestling

110 (Not Placed) Titan Washington NW Woodland Wrestling Club

88 (Not Placed) Brody Parker C Division Bell Wrestling

140 (Not Placed) Hunter Risley C Division Bell Wrestling

120 (Not Placed) Dawson Davidson S Piedmont

73 (Not Placed) Colter Karber S Piedmont

84 (Not Placed) Kolyn Mills S Piedmont

88 (Not Placed) Noah Patterson S Piedmont

120 (Not Placed) Hunter Spencer S Piedmont

80 (Not Placed) Devin Murfin NW Chandler Takedown Club

120 (Not Placed) Jackson Keasler S Weatherford Youth

64 (Not Placed) Bryon Allen S Tecumseh Takedown Club

105 (Not Placed) Maximus (Max) Hilton S Tecumseh Takedown Club

105 (Not Placed) William McThompson S Tecumseh Takedown Club

84 (Not Placed) Raiden Simmons S Tecumseh Takedown Club

88 (Not Placed) Parker Estep NW Blackwell Wrestling Club

110 (Not Placed) Blake Strong NW Blackwell Wrestling Club

105 (Not Placed) Hannah Lamborn S Clinton Youth Wrestling

84 (Not Placed) Ashton Lankford S HBT Grapplers

70 (Not Placed) Carter Abliez S Tecumseh Takedown Club

84 (Not Placed) Alston Martin S Weatherford Youth

96 (Not Placed) Connor Silman S Weatherford Youth

80 (Not Placed) Gage Werkmeister S Weatherford Youth

67 (Not Placed) Christian Cambron NW Hennessey Takedown Club

120 (Not Placed) Eli Moery NW Hennessey Takedown Club

88 (Not Placed) Madison Owens NW Hennessey Takedown Club

92 (Not Placed) Trevin Smith NW Hennessey Takedown Club

120 (Not Placed) Chase Price S Kingfisher