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Results: 2020-2021

OKWA Southern Regionals   -   Div IV
(Note: ** indicates 6+ entries in the bracket)

73 (Not Placed) Van Smith S Prodigy Wrestling

64 (Not Placed) Cale Browning S Kingfisher

92 (Not Placed) Cooper Davis S Kingfisher

HWT (Not Placed) Jackson Alexander S Chickasha

96 (Not Placed) Landon Beier S Chickasha

100 (Not Placed) Ash Foster S Chickasha

140 (Not Placed) Jason Kawaykla S Chickasha

80 (Not Placed) Noah Knight S Chickasha

67 (Not Placed) Jaxon Randle S Chickasha

73 (Not Placed) Micheal Forester S Elk City Elks

96 (Not Placed) Cole Black S CDB Wrestling

88 (Not Placed) Cougar Collins S Prodigy Wrestling

120 (Not Placed) Theron Davis S Prodigy Wrestling

70 (Not Placed) Trusten Lee Douglas S Prodigy Wrestling

92 (Not Placed) Kylan Ooton S Prodigy Wrestling

105 (Not Placed) Quinton Silvy S Prodigy Wrestling

88 (Not Placed) Kyson Blocker S Kingfisher

70 (Not Placed) Carson Aranda S Watonga Blaine County Grapplers

84 (Not Placed) Brayson Gordon S Watonga Blaine County Grapplers

88 (Not Placed) Jaxon Sheppard S Watonga Blaine County Grapplers

80 (Not Placed) Briggs Reeves S Blue Devil Wrestling Club

160 (Not Placed) Aiden Willard S Blue Devil Wrestling Club

160 (Not Placed) Andrew Willard S Blue Devil Wrestling Club

96 (Not Placed) Lisandro Hernandez S HWT

76 (Not Placed) Mayer Mansfield S HWT

80 (Not Placed) Raiden Simmons S Tecumseh Takedown Club

84 (Not Placed) Lane Burnam S Mangum Tigers

88 (Not Placed) Austin Brooks S Wilburton Takedown Club

105 (Not Placed) Rylee Davis S Wilburton Takedown Club

130 (Not Placed) Ashtian Taylor S Wilburton Takedown Club

96 (Not Placed) Hunter Wann S Wilburton Takedown Club

140 (Not Placed) Wyatt C Ward S Wilburton Takedown Club

HWT (Not Placed) Tazer Phillips S Highlander Wrestling

96 (Not Placed) Julio Aguirre S Woodward

76 (Not Placed) Gabriel Aguirre S Woodward

92 (Not Placed) Ethan Applebee S Woodward

70 (Not Placed) C. J. Allgood S HBT Grapplers

73 (Not Placed) Jonathan Allgood S HBT Grapplers

92 (Not Placed) Huck Kline S HBT Grapplers

84 (Not Placed) Ashton Lankford S HBT Grapplers

160 (Not Placed) Shooter Mayabb S HBT Grapplers

120 (Not Placed) Preston King S Weatherford Youth

88 (Not Placed) Alston Martin S Weatherford Youth

105 (Not Placed) Maxwell Daly S Oklahoma Chaos Wrestling

80 (Not Placed) Riley Harris S Oklahoma Chaos Wrestling

96 (Not Placed) Aiden Polk S SEO Wrestling

110 (Not Placed) Britton Trotter S SEO Wrestling

96 (Not Placed) Garrett Justice S Highlander Wrestling

67 (Not Placed) MATHEW BERMEA S Clinton Youth Wrestling

105 (Not Placed) Braxten Antuna S Anadarko

160 (Not Placed) Dayton Carey S Anadarko

140 (Not Placed) Lyndi Cisco S Anadarko

HWT (Not Placed) Isaiah Fragua S Anadarko

96 (Not Placed) Gabriel Tucker S Greenfield B.A.' s

88 (Not Placed) Daxton Adams S Piedmont

96 (Not Placed) Zayden Blay S Piedmont

73 (Not Placed) Harrison Cofer S Piedmont

73 (Not Placed) Colter Karber S Piedmont

96 (Not Placed) Pryce McClure S Piedmont

80 (Not Placed) Vann Stubblefield S Piedmont

80 (Not Placed) Aiden Gather S Hinton

130 (Not Placed) Jacob Arrington S Elgin Grapplers

160 (Not Placed) Zayden Roberts S Elgin Grapplers

88 (Not Placed) Talon Tahdooahnippah S Elgin Grapplers