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Results: 2020-2021

Battle for the Shield Open (Bixby Open)   -   Div IV
(Note: ** indicates 6+ entries in the bracket)

HWT (Not Placed) Kade Birdtail NW Mojo Grappling

70 (Not Placed) Dawson Beckley NE Team Tulsa

84 (Not Placed) Spencer Mcclelland NE Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)

80 (Not Placed) Gavin Wallace NE R.A.W.

130 (Not Placed) Barrett Standley NE R.A.W.

80 (Not Placed) Karson Hopkins NE R.A.W.

100 (Not Placed) Trenton Bell NE R.A.W.

105 (Not Placed) Brendan Bell NE R.A.W.

84 (Not Placed) Christian Ketiku NW Bartlesville Wrestling Club

120 (Not Placed) Hayden Taylor NE Wagoner Takedown Club

110 (Not Placed) Semaj Stanford NE Jenks Youth Wrestling

120 (Not Placed) Tony Riddle NE Jenks Youth Wrestling

80 (Not Placed) Ayden Collins NE Verdigris Youth Wrestling

80 (Not Placed) Kaleb Kelley NE Pryor Elementary Wrestling

80 (Not Placed) Zechariah Tecumseh NW Mojo Grappling

96 (Not Placed) Jace Hagy NW Mojo Grappling

160 (Not Placed) Aden Hammonds S Broken Bow Youth Wrestling

130 (Not Placed) Jaxen Cepeda OS Arkansas Warthawgs

96 (Not Placed) Braxton Dykes NE Warrior Wrestling Club

160 (Not Placed) Malakai Agnew NW Bartlesville Wrestling Club

160 (Not Placed) Micah Chang NE Dark Cloud Wrestling

84 (Not Placed) Kyla Widener NW Blackwell Wrestling Club

110 (Not Placed) Madden Edgar NW Blackwell Wrestling Club

88 (Not Placed) Grayson Sellers NE Brushy Wrestling Club

92 (Not Placed) Talon Locust NE Brushy Wrestling Club

73 (Not Placed) David Christie NE Brushy Wrestling Club

80 (Not Placed) Jagen Jones NW Sperry Elementary Wrestling Club

120 (Not Placed) Caiden Estrada NW Sperry Elementary Wrestling Club

70 (Not Placed) Jacob Fuller NW Sperry Elementary Wrestling Club

130 (Not Placed) Tommy Calico NE Morris Eagles Wrestling Club

130 (Not Placed) Aadin Taylor S Broken Bow Youth Wrestling