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Results: 2020-2021

Battle for the Shield Novice (Bixby Novice)   -   Div III
(Note: ** indicates 6+ entries in the bracket)

90 (Not Placed) Kambrey Phillips NW Bristow Elementary Wrestling Club

64 (Not Placed) Abby Chambers NE Warrior Wrestling Club

61 (Not Placed) Joshua Drury NW Keystone Kids Wrestling Club

64 (Not Placed) Maddox Ketcher NW Keystone Kids Wrestling Club

61 (Not Placed) Chase Roe NW Keystone Kids Wrestling Club

90 (Not Placed) Landon Scheihing NW Skiatook Bulldog Wrestling

55 (Not Placed) Joseph Giroux NE Checotah Matcats

67 (Not Placed) Colt Kilgore NE Checotah Matcats

61 (Not Placed) Gracie Majors NE Checotah Matcats

73 (Not Placed) Brayden Baker NE Verdigris Youth Wrestling

73 (Not Placed) Gage Pope NE Verdigris Youth Wrestling

HWT (Not Placed) Aiden Bruce NE Black Fox Wrestling

85 (Not Placed) Cayson Patten NW Bartlesville Wrestling Club

64 (Not Placed) Levi White NW Bristow Elementary Wrestling Club

131 (Not Placed) Dakota Poteet NE Wagoner Takedown Club

80 (Not Placed) Jonathon Slayton NE Wagoner Takedown Club

58 (Not Placed) Matthew Salazar NW Bartlesville Wrestling Club

HWT (Not Placed) Donald Chaney NE R.A.W.

80 (Not Placed) Nash Denove NE R.A.W.

100 (Not Placed) Dagan Hopkins NE Vinita Kids Wrestling

61 (Not Placed) Ashton Marzett NW Pin-King All Stars

64 (Not Placed) Silver Patterson NE Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)

80 (Not Placed) David Wells-Ketcher NE Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)

100 (Not Placed) Braxton Williams NE Wagoner Heat

70 (Not Placed) Stauter Brown S Broken Bow Youth Wrestling

110 (Not Placed) Michael Dixon NW Henryetta Knights Wrestling

HWT (Not Placed) Landen Jones NW Henryetta Knights Wrestling

73 (Not Placed) Bandr Wallace NW Henryetta Knights Wrestling

90 (Not Placed) Jake Hurt NE Morris Eagles Wrestling Club

85 (Not Placed) Emmett Moten NE Morris Eagles Wrestling Club

80 (Not Placed) Gabe Neils NE Morris Eagles Wrestling Club

67 (Not Placed) Rocklyn Johnson NE Sallisaw Takedown Club

100 (Not Placed) Caleb Fogleman NE Wagoner Heat

73 (Not Placed) Austin Thatcher NE Wagoner Heat

80 (Not Placed) Jonathan Little OS Arkansas Warthawgs

131 (Not Placed) Colton Hopkins NE Spiro Bulldogs

90 (Not Placed) Victor Loyd NE Spiro Bulldogs

73 (Not Placed) Jarah Woodral NE Spiro Bulldogs

80 (Not Placed) Axel Booth NW Sperry Elementary Wrestling Club

67 (Not Placed) Westin Pollock NW Sperry Elementary Wrestling Club

73 (Not Placed) Caressa Crafton NE Muskogee Rougher Wrestling

73 (Not Placed) Isaac Wood NE Fort Gibson Tiger Wrestling

76 (Not Placed) Carsten Cagle C Ironman Wrestling

85 (Not Placed) Ike Burr NE Jenks Youth Wrestling

80 (Not Placed) Liam Newton NE Jenks Youth Wrestling