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Results: 2020-2021

NGC Throwdown Open   -   Div III
(Note: ** indicates 6+ entries in the bracket)

67 (Not Placed) Kason White C Newcastle Youth Wrestling

120 (Not Placed) Aiden Hogue C Norman Grappling Club

76 (Not Placed) Ian Greer C Norman Grappling Club

120 (Not Placed) Carlos Camarena Jr. C Norman Grappling Club

58 (Not Placed) Jakoby Vineyard C Lions Wrestling Academy

85 (Not Placed) Maddux Underhill C Lions Wrestling Academy

85 (Not Placed) Talon Tucker C Lions Wrestling Academy

67 (Not Placed) Jackson Smith C Lions Wrestling Academy

70 (Not Placed) Carson Sherwan C Lions Wrestling Academy

76 (Not Placed) Kade Lester C Lions Wrestling Academy

80 (Not Placed) Taizen Hernandez C Lions Wrestling Academy

67 (Not Placed) Lukas Butler C Lions Wrestling Academy

HWT (Not Placed) Major Vawter C Little Axe Takedown Club

85 (Not Placed) Logan Valent C Ironman Wrestling

90 (Not Placed) Noah Metcalf C Ironman Wrestling

73 (Not Placed) Cale McGee C Ironman Wrestling

70 (Not Placed) Kamden Sparks NW Tonkawa Wrestling

85 (Not Placed) Kash McLean C Newcastle Youth Wrestling

67 (Not Placed) Raphael Santoyo S Kingfisher

120 (Not Placed) Kenzie Trotter S SEO Wrestling

73 (Not Placed) Lillian Lopez S SEO Wrestling

85 (Not Placed) Bentley Gambrell S SEO Wrestling

90 (Not Placed) Sloan Perkins C Noble TakeDown Club

80 (Not Placed) Ronnie Lovelady C Noble TakeDown Club

67 (Not Placed) Christian Lovelady C Noble TakeDown Club

131 (Not Placed) Ryker Smith S Weatherford Youth

58 (Not Placed) Chase Burrows S Chickasha

HWT (Not Placed) Brody Williams S Piedmont

85 (Not Placed) Jack Adams S Piedmont

70 (Not Placed) Connor Kelly NW Hennessey Takedown Club

55 (Not Placed) Lason West S HBT Grapplers

64 (Not Placed) Bodie Swords NW Tonkawa Wrestling