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Results: 2020-2021

Little Axe Open Tournament   -   Div III
(Note: ** indicates 6+ entries in the bracket)

HWT (Not Placed) Major Vawter C Little Axe Takedown Club

64 (Not Placed) Corey Conley NW Chandler Takedown Club

100 (Not Placed) William Conley NW Chandler Takedown Club

64 (Not Placed) Inman Massie NW Chandler Takedown Club

73 (Not Placed) GAGE SHARP NW Chandler Takedown Club

76 (Not Placed) Danica Collins C Noble TakeDown Club

90 (Not Placed) Henry Cook C Noble TakeDown Club

HWT (Not Placed) Bentley Cooper C Noble TakeDown Club

61 (Not Placed) Kory Eby C Noble TakeDown Club

67 (Not Placed) Christian Lovelady C Noble TakeDown Club

80 (Not Placed) Ronnie Lovelady C Noble TakeDown Club

90 (Not Placed) Sloan Perkins C Noble TakeDown Club

110 (Not Placed) Drevyn Taylor S Gladiator Grappling

90 (Not Placed) Manny Botone S Anadarko

100 (Not Placed) Taven Thrash S Anadarko

70 (Not Placed) Tommy White S Anadarko

70 (Not Placed) Jeremy Wright S Anadarko

90 (Not Placed) Marshall Boso C Ironman Wrestling

76 (Not Placed) Carsten Cagle C Ironman Wrestling

80 (Not Placed) Bradley Davies C Ironman Wrestling

73 (Not Placed) Cale McGee C Ironman Wrestling

90 (Not Placed) Noah Metcalf C Ironman Wrestling

85 (Not Placed) Logan Valent C Ironman Wrestling

110 (Not Placed) Jaxson Jimmerson NE McAlester Youth Wrestling

67 (Not Placed) Max Burd S Weatherford Youth

76 (Not Placed) Mason Mitchell S Mangum Tigers

64 (Not Placed) Ryan Mitchell S Mangum Tigers

80 (Not Placed) Braxton Campbell S Blue Devil Wrestling Club

70 (Not Placed) Brylie Reeves S Blue Devil Wrestling Club

64 (Not Placed) Colton Dobbs C Newcastle Youth Wrestling

80 (Not Placed) Kash McLean C Newcastle Youth Wrestling

85 (Not Placed) Alijah Bowman NE McAlester Youth Wrestling

58 (Not Placed) Branson Byrd NE McAlester Youth Wrestling

110 (Not Placed) Christopher Isaac NE McAlester Youth Wrestling

90 (Not Placed) Kingston Applebee S Woodward

85 (Not Placed) Jack Adams S Piedmont

HWT (Not Placed) Brody Williams S Piedmont

52 (Not Placed) Bentlee Potter S Clinton Youth Wrestling

61 (Not Placed) Kash Walters NE Morris Eagles Wrestling Club

80 (Not Placed) Zander Holland S Guymon Wrestling Club

120 (Not Placed) Carlos Camarena Jr. C Norman Grappling Club

80 (Not Placed) Jackson McCurley C Norman Grappling Club

100 (Not Placed) Landon Boles C Harrah Little League Wrestling

85 (Not Placed) Hudson Fryar C Harrah Little League Wrestling

76 (Not Placed) Dyson Moss S Gladiator Grappling