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Results: 2020-2021

Checotah Novice   -   Div III
(Note: ** indicates 6+ entries in the bracket)

110 (Not Placed) Jaxson Jimmerson NE McAlester Youth Wrestling

70 (Not Placed) Max Stone NE Jenks Youth Wrestling

110 (Not Placed) Ivan ORourke NE Jenks Youth Wrestling

120 (Not Placed) Victoria Evans NE Jenks Youth Wrestling

73 (Not Placed) Austin Thatcher NE Wagoner Heat

100 (Not Placed) Caleb Fogleman NE Wagoner Heat

70 (Not Placed) Jamison Hughes NE Bixby Wrestling Club

80 (Not Placed) Hunter Hughes NE Bixby Wrestling Club

70 (Not Placed) Tristen Kilgore NE Warner Eagle Wrestling Club

85 (Not Placed) AudreyAnna Campbell NE Wagoner Takedown Club

80 (Not Placed) Gabe Neils NE Morris Eagles Wrestling Club

90 (Not Placed) Jake Hurt NE Morris Eagles Wrestling Club

67 (Not Placed) Evan Fitzgibbon NE Vian Wrestling Club

70 (Not Placed) Eli Fitzgibbon NE Vian Wrestling Club

67 (Not Placed) Thomas Drew NE Vian Wrestling Club

110 (Not Placed) Cadence Carter NE Vinita Kids Wrestling

58 (Not Placed) Branson Byrd NE McAlester Youth Wrestling

76 (Not Placed) Jayce Kent NE COWETA TIGER WRESTLING

110 (Not Placed) Blane Graydon NE COWETA TIGER WRESTLING

100 (Not Placed) Raymond Caldwell NE COWETA TIGER WRESTLING

76 (Not Placed) Chace Risley C Division Bell Wrestling

70 (Not Placed) Nolan Kobyluk C Division Bell Wrestling

64 (Not Placed) Asher Bingham C Division Bell Wrestling

73 (Not Placed) Carsten Cagle C Ironman Wrestling

61 (Not Placed) Gracie Majors NE Checotah Matcats

67 (Not Placed) Colt Kilgore NE Checotah Matcats

55 (Not Placed) Joseph Giroux NE Checotah Matcats

110 (Not Placed) Cale Phillips NE Fort Gibson Tiger Wrestling

80 (Not Placed) Layton Barnes NE Sallisaw Takedown Club

100 (Not Placed) Dagan Hopkins NE Vinita Kids Wrestling