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Results: 2020-2021

Ironman Open Tournament   -   Div II
(Note: ** indicates 6+ entries in the bracket)

90 (Not Placed) Alexie Cagle C Ironman Wrestling

61 (Not Placed) Slade Davis S Clinton Youth Wrestling

58 (Not Placed) Daxon McCarther S Clinton Youth Wrestling

67 (Not Placed) Brently Sorter S Clinton Youth Wrestling

52 (Not Placed) Casin Guerra C OKC Saints

58 (Not Placed) Jace Singleton C OKC Saints

61 (Not Placed) Kruse Sparks NW Tonkawa Wrestling

70 (Not Placed) Paisley Campbell S Blue Devil Wrestling Club

52 (Not Placed) Tyson Dickerson S Blue Devil Wrestling Club

49 (Not Placed) Havyn Jarnagin NE Sallisaw Takedown Club

64 (Not Placed) Xander Earp NW Chandler Takedown Club

64 (Not Placed) Mac Boso C Ironman Wrestling

64 (Not Placed) Blaine Derryberry C Carl Albert Little League

49 (Not Placed) Cannon Hurst C Ironman Wrestling

75 (Not Placed) Gage Rackley C Ironman Wrestling

90 (Not Placed) Austin Shears C Ironman Wrestling

55 (Not Placed) Trelyn Didier S Watonga Blaine County Grapplers

70 (Not Placed) Bowen Pearson S Watonga Blaine County Grapplers

49 (Not Placed) Kaden Thompson S Watonga Blaine County Grapplers

67 (Not Placed) Baylin Wigington S Watonga Blaine County Grapplers

61 (Not Placed) Danny Brake NW Perry Youth Wrestling

46 (Not Placed) Brooklyn Jackson NW Perry Youth Wrestling

49 (Not Placed) Heston Klinglesmith NW Perry Youth Wrestling

61 (Not Placed) Cason Rigdon S Piedmont

55 (Not Placed) Beau Ferrell S Weatherford Youth

49 (Not Placed) Robert Frey C Division Bell Wrestling

58 (Not Placed) Jacksen Thompson C Division Bell Wrestling

58 (Not Placed) Matthew Woodward C Division Bell Wrestling

67 (Not Placed) Elijah Zentner C Division Bell Wrestling

46 (Not Placed) Cooper Edge S Piedmont

52 (Not Placed) Jackson Henry S Piedmont

58 (Not Placed) Calin Kinder S Piedmont

64 (Not Placed) Jax Mitchell S Piedmont

70 (Not Placed) Liam Nix S Piedmont

105 (Not Placed) Tristan Mowdy NW Henryetta Knights Wrestling

67 (Not Placed) Jaxon Rickers S Woodward

67 (Not Placed) Aiden Hillis C Norman Grappling Club

55 (Not Placed) Cash Perrien C Norman Grappling Club

58 (Not Placed) Briar Leigh NW Morrison

58 (Not Placed) Kase Burnam S Mangum Tigers

52 (Not Placed) Pistol Hopper S Mangum Tigers

46 (Not Placed) Angelo Rivera S Mangum Tigers

55 (Not Placed) Oakly Flatt C Noble TakeDown Club

55 (Not Placed) Oakley Blankenship S Clinton Youth Wrestling

64 (Not Placed) Everette Coalson S Clinton Youth Wrestling