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Results: 2020-2021

Battle for the Shield Open (Bixby Open)   -   Div II
(Note: ** indicates 6+ entries in the bracket)

70 (Not Placed) Tucker Goins NE Spiro Bulldogs

58 (Not Placed) Landin Badley NE Wagoner Takedown Club

58 (Not Placed) Jace Hebert NE Poteau Youth Wrestling Academy

67 (Not Placed) Jax Rogers NE Verdigris Youth Wrestling

61 (Not Placed) Kase King NE Verdigris Youth Wrestling

58 (Not Placed) Dylan Detherow NE Verdigris Youth Wrestling

55 (Not Placed) Dagan Timmons NE Checotah Matcats

46 (Not Placed) zeke johnston NE Dark Cloud Wrestling

67 (Not Placed) Jacob Atha NE Tahlequah

52 (Not Placed) Tristen Cross NE Brushy Wrestling Club

52 (Not Placed) Brantley Woodral NE Spiro Bulldogs

HWT (Not Placed) Trent Gruenwald NE R.A.W.

105 (Not Placed) Luke Black NE Vinita Kids Wrestling

83 (Not Placed) Jarius Johnson NE Pitbull Wrestling Academy

64 (Not Placed) Tajuan Davis NE Pitbull Wrestling Academy

64 (Not Placed) Kash Walters NE Morris Eagles Wrestling Club

52 (Not Placed) Ketcher Hughes NE Morris Eagles Wrestling Club

61 (Not Placed) Randy Hotema NE Morris Eagles Wrestling Club

55 (Not Placed) Talon Robberson OS Arkansas Warthawgs

49 (Not Placed) Jaxon Marshall OS Arkansas Warthawgs

64 (Not Placed) Dillon Bailey OS Arkansas Warthawgs

67 (Not Placed) Ayo Bear NW Mojo Grappling

67 (Not Placed) Zayden Woodard NW Bartlesville Wrestling Club

52 (Not Placed) Kordell Burns NW Perkins

75 (Not Placed) John Thomas JT Vaughn NW Skiatook Bulldog Wrestling

HWT (Not Placed) Kash Kirby NW Blackwell Wrestling Club

64 (Not Placed) Jaxson Keeney NW Blackwell Wrestling Club

61 (Not Placed) Andrew Ridge NW Sperry Elementary Wrestling Club

55 (Not Placed) Manuel Payne jr NW Pin-King All Stars

61 (Not Placed) Armond Goree NW Pin-King All Stars

105 (Not Placed) Tristan Mowdy NW Henryetta Knights Wrestling

70 (Not Placed) Brilan Monday NW Mojo Grappling

55 (Not Placed) Nathan Lamborn S Clinton Youth Wrestling

58 (Not Placed) Jackson Beckley NE Team Tulsa

58 (Not Placed) Tracker Smith NE Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)

HWT (Not Placed) Brett Pickup NE Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)

52 (Not Placed) Ryan Hess NE Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)

46 (Not Placed) Kross Greer NE Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)

75 (Not Placed) Colt Miller NE Jenks Youth Wrestling

61 (Not Placed) Owen Koss NE R.A.W.

83 (Not Placed) Derek Jones NE R.A.W.

58 (Not Placed) Kellan Hayes NE R.A.W.