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Results: 2020-2021

Choctaw Battle For The Belt   -   Div I
(Note: ** indicates 6+ entries in the bracket)

49 (Not Placed) Grady Bennett C Newcastle Youth Wrestling

55 (Not Placed) Alexander Tessneer C Norman Grappling Club

52 (Not Placed) Jaxsyn James C Norman Grappling Club

66 (Not Placed) Gunner Jackson C Norman Grappling Club

49 (Not Placed) Eli Gassett C Norman Grappling Club

46 (Not Placed) Maxton Artoff C Norman Grappling Club

60 (Not Placed) Callen Anthony C Carl Albert Little League

52 (Not Placed) Corbin Hawkins C Noble TakeDown Club

52 (Not Placed) Alijah Tapia C OKC Saints

43 (Not Placed) Riding Guerra C OKC Saints

46 (Not Placed) Hudson Earnest C OKC Saints

46 (Not Placed) Keegan Burns NW Perkins

46 (Not Placed) Jude Whitney C StandFast Wrestling

60 (Not Placed) Dallas Lane Hughes NE Morris Eagles Wrestling Club

66 (Not Placed) David Collom NE Pryor Elementary Wrestling

HWT (Not Placed) Jaxon Sconyers NE Poteau Youth Wrestling Academy

49 (Not Placed) Riley Rice NE Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)

46 (Not Placed) Parker Hobbs NE Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)

49 (Not Placed) Kace Moore NE Collinsville Cardinal Wrestling

40 (Not Placed) Waylon Wooten NE Warner Eagle Wrestling Club

49 (Not Placed) Casin Ross NE Warner Eagle Wrestling Club

37 (Not Placed) Clay Hubler NE Warner Eagle Wrestling Club

46 (Not Placed) Koby Thompson NW Pin-King All Stars

55 (Not Placed) Laik Waldroop S Mangum Tigers

40 (Not Placed) Marshall Smith S HBT Grapplers

43 (Not Placed) Alethea Allgood S HBT Grapplers

52 (Not Placed) Kipton Youngs S Piedmont

52 (Not Placed) Keaton Sharp S Piedmont

43 (Not Placed) Dayton Rice S Piedmont

60 (Not Placed) Trayton Carey S Anadarko

52 (Not Placed) Van Richardson S Weatherford Youth

46 (Not Placed) Brooks Mittasch NW Morrison

49 (Not Placed) Austin Mittasch NW Morrison

55 (Not Placed) Braxtyn Taylor S Clinton Youth Wrestling

43 (Not Placed) Boston Marzett NW Pin-King All Stars

43 (Not Placed) Keylen Wyatt NW Perkins

52 (Not Placed) Keyvon Wyatt NW Perkins

55 (Not Placed) Parker Ward NW Perkins

46 (Not Placed) Jaxx Pauley NW Perkins

43 (Not Placed) Grant McCasland NW Perkins

55 (Not Placed) Judson Johnson NW Perkins

40 (Not Placed) Kale Johnson NW Perkins

HWT (Not Placed) Kyler Johnson NW Perkins