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Results: 2017-2018

(Note: ** indicates 6+ entries in the bracket)

HWT (Not Placed) Hunter Adams NE Locust Grove (Pirate Wrestling)

43 (Not Placed) Ean HOWARD NE Vinita Kids Wrestling

40 (Not Placed) KASEN MCGUIRE NE Vinita Kids Wrestling

49 (Not Placed) Kolton Hamilton NW Tulsa Blue-T Panthers

37 (Not Placed) Jonah Roberts NW Tulsa Blue-T Panthers

52 (Not Placed) Kiowyn Deaton NE Grove Takedown Club

60 (Not Placed) HAYDEN JUSTICE NE Rider Wrestling

43 (Not Placed) Eli Pagonis NE Team Tulsa

55 (Not Placed) Denver Romine NE Team Tulsa

43 (Not Placed) Brier Floyd NE Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)

HWT (Not Placed) Brett pickup NE Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)

46 (Not Placed) Blay Sorum NE Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)

55 (Not Placed) Carson Stephenson NE Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)

55 (Not Placed) Haidyn Goad NE Claremore Wrestling Club

55 (Not Placed) Spencer Holum NE Vinita Kids Wrestling

37 (Not Placed) REMINGTON HEARD NE Vinita Kids Wrestling

43 (Not Placed) TRIGGER GOSS NE Vinita Kids Wrestling

43 (Not Placed) Johnny Ray Ashcroft NE Locust Grove (Pirate Wrestling)

66 (Not Placed) Zaden Bowling NE Locust Grove (Pirate Wrestling)

HWT (Not Placed) Mason Eilenberger NE Locust Grove (Pirate Wrestling)

52 (Not Placed) Daxten McCann NE Locust Grove (Pirate Wrestling)

46 (Not Placed) Marcus Scott NE Locust Grove (Pirate Wrestling)

49 (Not Placed) Michael Wilson NW Barnsdall

43 (Not Placed) Jessup Alstrin NE Wagoner Heat

40 (Not Placed) Lane Goforth NE Wagoner Heat

49 (Not Placed) Deremio (DJ) Dantzler NE Bixby Wrestling Club

46 (Not Placed) Derek Jones NE Bixby Wrestling Club

49 (Not Placed) Jace Asher NE Vinita Kids Wrestling

55 (Not Placed) Corbin Brown NE Vinita Kids Wrestling

40 (Not Placed) Declan Forrest NE Vinita Kids Wrestling

60 (Not Placed) Hilkyah Sampson NE R.A.W.