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Gage Memorial Tournament Open

Div I
37 Gill, Jackson Dark Cloud Wrestling
37 Soldier, Isayah Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
40 Bowman, Maggie Lady Outlaws
40 Greer, Knox Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
40 Hess , Michael Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
40 King, Bodhi Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
40 Miller, Kacen Pryor Elementary Wrestling
40 Wolfenberger, Hagan Berryhill Wrestling
43 Green, Jr., Coby Hurricane Wrestling Academy
43 Marzett, Boston Pin-King All Stars
46 Beckley, Colson Team Tulsa
46 Clark, Uzziah Pin-King All Stars
46 Cooper , Lillian Jay Wrestling Club
46 Duran, Jett Jay Wrestling Club
46 Hobbs, Parker Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
46 Parker, Tate Pryor Elementary Wrestling
46 Robinson, Kyrin Pin-King All Stars
46 Schondel, Davin Dark Cloud Wrestling
46 Smith, Hudson Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
46 Thompson, Koby Pin-King All Stars
46 Whitenack, Donnie Pryor Elementary Wrestling
49 Abel , Braden Jay Wrestling Club
49 Blair, Ryker Black Fox Wrestling
49 Gahagan Jr , Bj Pin-King All Stars
49 Glover, Abel Vian Wrestling Club
49 Hubbard, Kruze Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
49 Lewis, Brooks Second to None
49 Reed , Kingston Pin-King All Stars
49 Sjafiroeddin, Samuel Pryor Elementary Wrestling
49 Thompson, Miah Vian Wrestling Club
49 Trinidad, Braiden Pryor Elementary Wrestling
52 Bell, Jesse Warner Eagle Wrestling Club
52 Chang, Sam Dark Cloud Wrestling
52 Corbell, Braxton Warner Eagle Wrestling Club
52 Fraser, Jack Second to None
52 Kelley, Kaisen Pryor Elementary Wrestling
52 Lane, Kadin Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
52 Paschall, Oliver Team Tulsa
52 Prier, Creede Vian Wrestling Club
52 Reed , Jaxx Jay Wrestling Club
52 Rice, Riley Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
52 Spruell, Gunner Pryor Elementary Wrestling
52 Terwillinger, Kolten Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
55 Becker, Max Dark Cloud Wrestling
55 Glover, Seth Vian Wrestling Club
55 Manchester, Rider Brushy Wrestling Club
60 Allami, Javin Team Tulsa
60 Buck, Carter Pryor Elementary Wrestling
60 Padgett, Ryder Black Fox Wrestling
60 Parsons, Tyler Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
60 Plunk, Preston R.A.W.
60 Robinson, King Pin-King All Stars
60 Soldier, Christian Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
60 White, Nolan Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
66 Collom, David Pryor Elementary Wrestling
66 Henderson, Kamren Pryor Elementary Wrestling
66 Sumpter, Bronc Vian Wrestling Club
66 Thorn, Jack Second to None
HWT Chavoya, Isidro Pryor Elementary Wrestling
HWT Redeagle, Barrett Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
Div II
43 Drew, Kolton Vian Wrestling Club
46 Garner, Cecil Warner Eagle Wrestling Club
46 Greer , Kross Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
46 Maxwell, David Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
46 xiong, timmy Dark Cloud Wrestling
49 Beals, Brody Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
49 Howell, Case Poteau Youth Wrestling Academy
49 Landrum, Hutch Second to None
52 Hicks, Brynlie Hurricane Wrestling Academy
52 Rea, Chacen Warner Eagle Wrestling Club
52 Stites, Mekko Berryhill Wrestling
52 Summers, Cooper Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
52 Yingst, Bentley Berryhill Wrestling
55 Burkhardt, Lane Black Fox Wrestling
55 Hebert, Jace Poteau Youth Wrestling Academy
55 Larcade, Paisley Vian Wrestling Club
55 Littlefield, Elias Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
55 Matheson, Raiff Pryor Elementary Wrestling
55 Payne jr , Manuel Pin-King All Stars
55 Smith, Tracker Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
55 Vigueras, Logan Team Tulsa
58 Back, Josh Verdigris Youth Wrestling
58 Beckley, Jackson Team Tulsa
58 Blackwell, Rowdy Pryor Elementary Wrestling
58 Callaham, Wyatt Second to None
58 Detherow, Dylan Verdigris Youth Wrestling
58 Goree, Armond Pin-King All Stars
58 Hunt, Joely Vian Wrestling Club
58 Hutcheson, BellaRose COWETA TIGER WRESTLING
58 Maples, Brighton Grizzly Wrestling Club
61 Haire, Wyatt Verdigris Youth Wrestling
61 King, Kase Verdigris Youth Wrestling
61 Mcdonald, Rex Team Tulsa
61 Pryor, Hunter Pryor Elementary Wrestling
64 Davis , Tajuan Pin-King All Stars
64 Jones, Liam Grizzly Wrestling Club
64 Kelly, Zion Poteau Youth Wrestling Academy
64 Killingsworth, Gunner Vian Wrestling Club
64 Turner Jr , Ej Pin-King All Stars
67 Armstrong, Easton Wagoner Takedown Club
67 Chandler, Treyce Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
67 Ford, Rocky Vian Wrestling Club
67 Hargraves, JT Poteau Youth Wrestling Academy
67 Kelly, Zavion Poteau Youth Wrestling Academy
67 Rogers, Jax Verdigris Youth Wrestling
67 Stonecipher, Jack Black Fox Wrestling
70 Keener, Brynley Pryor Elementary Wrestling
75 Keener, Bentley Pryor Elementary Wrestling
75 Moore, Eli Ram Wrestling Academy
75 Phipps, Max Poteau Youth Wrestling Academy
75 Watkins, Sebastian Vian Wrestling Club
83 Campbell, Roper Collinsville Cardinal Wrestling
83 clark, carleigh Lady Outlaws
83 Gates , Jace Vian Wrestling Club
83 Lovett, Parker Warner Eagle Wrestling Club
83 Watkins, Sawyer Vian Wrestling Club
90 Branham, Lex Vian Wrestling Club
105 Black, Luke Vinita Kids Wrestling
105 Mowdy, Tristan Henryetta Knights Wrestling
HWT Wiese, Ryker Jay Wrestling Club
52 Duffey, Braylon Second to None
55 Collett, Lane Checotah Matcats
55 Green, Chloe Hurricane Wrestling Academy
55 Perry , Colton Second to None
58 Burt, Kaiden Wagoner Takedown Club
58 Hobbs, Ryder Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
58 Lopex, Knoz Team Tulsa
58 Marzett, Ashton Pin-King All Stars
58 Williams, Lukis Black Fox Wrestling
61 Caldwell, Johnnie Wayne ''Callan'' Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
61 Caudle, Casen Broken Bow Youth Wrestling
61 Goforth, Lane Wagoner Heat
61 Larcade, Noah Vian Wrestling Club
61 Masters, Maddox Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
61 pagonis, elijah Titans Wrestling Academy
61 Sorum, Blay Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
61 White, Noah Pryor Elementary Wrestling
64 Glendening, Christion Warner Eagle Wrestling Club
64 King, Boston Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
64 Plunk, Braxton R.A.W.
64 Scott, Marcus Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
67 Boston, Peyton Sallisaw Takedown Club
67 Bowman, Cj Titans Wrestling Academy
67 Duran , Daxton Jay Wrestling Club
67 Fox, Donald Wagoner Heat
67 Hobbs, Asher Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
67 Oliphant, Cord Dark Cloud Wrestling
67 Richey, Bryson Vian Wrestling Club
70 Beckley, Dawson Team Tulsa
70 Bradley, Riley Team Tulsa
70 Kilgore, Tristen Warner Eagle Wrestling Club
70 McQueen, Bryson Second to None
70 Mendoza, Serenity Wagoner Heat
70 Padgett, Lane Black Fox Wrestling
73 Abney, Maddox Broken Bow Youth Wrestling
73 Alexander, Corbin Hurricane Wrestling Academy
73 Crafton, Caressa Muskogee Rougher Wrestling
73 McDonald, Bodey Vinita Kids Wrestling
73 Moses, Jacob Vian Wrestling Club
76 Chavoya, Isacc Pryor Elementary Wrestling
76 Friend, Dylan Arkansas Warthawgs
76 Frits, Kyler Warrior Wrestling Club
76 Jackson, Bentley Poteau Youth Wrestling Academy
76 Justice, Tynan Hurricane Wrestling Academy
76 Phillips, Eli Jay Wrestling Club
76 Sheffield, Drake Warner Eagle Wrestling Club
80 Chancellor, Conner Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
80 Cook, Colby Black Fox Wrestling
80 Jones, Charlee Vinita Kids Wrestling
80 King , Roman Jay Wrestling Club
80 Lofton, Cortez Pryor Elementary Wrestling
80 McAllister, Lucas Sallisaw Takedown Club
80 Tom, Rilynn Broken Bow Youth Wrestling
85 Brooks, Zeke Poteau Youth Wrestling Academy
85 Lester, Colten Warner Eagle Wrestling Club
85 Mefford, Ryker Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
85 Paschall, Jaxson Team Tulsa
85 Sumpter, Tuff Vian Wrestling Club
85 Thorn, Hunter Second to None
90 Cruise, Tate Black Fox Wrestling
90 Gates, Jaydan Vian Wrestling Club
90 Martin, Cole Vinita Kids Wrestling
90 Morrison, Corbin Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
90 Sellers, Grayson Brushy Wrestling Club
90 Stottlemyre, Tatum Pryor Elementary Wrestling
100 Adair, Conlee Warrior Wrestling Club
100 Branham, Axl Vian Wrestling Club
100 Graves, Jacob Team Tulsa
100 Hebert II, Judd Poteau Youth Wrestling Academy
100 Hicks, Hudson Sallisaw Takedown Club
100 Ortiz, Gabriela Poteau Youth Wrestling Academy
100 schondel, Hunter Dark Cloud Wrestling
110 Taylor, Grady Brushy Wrestling Club
120 Gorczynski , Kage Dark Cloud Wrestling
120 Lovett, Tyler Warner Eagle Wrestling Club
120 Pryor, Addison Pryor Elementary Wrestling
131 Chase, Tukker Sallisaw Takedown Club
131 Eilenberger, Mason Bixby Wrestling Club
HWT Kvittum, Kooper Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
Div IV
64 Back, Noah Verdigris Youth Wrestling
64 Plunk, Braxton R.A.W.
64 Talaese, Ethan Poteau Youth Wrestling Academy
67 Back, Dawson Verdigris Youth Wrestling
67 Branton, Tyler Arkansas Warthawgs
70 Holcomb, Cale Team Tulsa
70 Parker, Tommy Jr Pryor Elementary Wrestling
73 Ward, Jackson Hurricane Wrestling Academy
76 Kerr, Logan Dark Cloud Wrestling
80 Butseecha, Donovan Hurricane Wrestling Academy
80 Jalajel, Aiden Team Tulsa
80 Kelley, Kaleb Pryor Elementary Wrestling
80 LamHo, King Wagoner Takedown Club
80 Lowe, Mekko Brushy Wrestling Club
80 Xiong, Andrew Dark Cloud Wrestling
84 Mcclelland, Spencer Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
88 contrerez, isaiah Dark Cloud Wrestling
88 Lazzerini, Bradley Team Tulsa
92 Locust, Talon Brushy Wrestling Club
92 Lozinsky, Brice Berryhill Wrestling
92 Stonecipher, Blayze Black Fox Wrestling
92 Wilson, Donovan Hurricane Wrestling Academy
92 Wooley, Corbin Team Tulsa
96 Masters, Ashlyn Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
96 mathis, wyatt Dark Cloud Wrestling
96 Moore, Kail Warner Eagle Wrestling Club
96 Ortiz, Javier Poteau Youth Wrestling Academy
100 Wyrick, Aaron Team Grind House
105 Eilenberger, Kaiden Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
105 Summers, Ryan Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
110 OBanion, Mason Team Grind House
120 Hicks, Riley Hurricane Wrestling Academy
120 McAbee, Rogan Team Tulsa
120 Taylor, Hayden Wagoner Takedown Club
130 Sanders, Jescee Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
130 Taylor, Aadin Broken Bow Youth Wrestling
160 Brown, Carter Wagoner Takedown Club
160 Chang, Micah Dark Cloud Wrestling
160 Harris Jr, Anthony Wagoner Takedown Club
160 Montgomery, William Elijah Berryhill Wrestling
HWT burns , jaiden Pin-King All Stars
HWT Dixon, Riley Pryor Elementary Wrestling
HWT Pascual, Jauquine Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
Div V
80 Goleman, Chaston Hurricane Wrestling Academy
80 Jalajel, Aiden Team Tulsa
80 Philips, Leland Checotah Matcats
86 Lazzerini, Bradley Team Tulsa
92 Lester, Hazen Warner Eagle Wrestling Club
92 Lozinsky, Brice Berryhill Wrestling
98 Goforth, Brice Wagoner Heat
98 Richey, Gunner Vian Wrestling Club
98 Wood, Merrick Warrior Wrestling Club
106 Blevins, Aaron Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
106 Bryan, Walker Poteau Youth Wrestling Academy
106 Bullett, Sonny Warrior Wrestling Club
106 Fitzgibbon, Ronin Vian Wrestling Club
112 Bernal, Brissa Lady Outlaws
112 Black, Dariuz Titans Wrestling Academy
112 Collett, Colt Checotah Matcats
112 Harris III, Gerald Hurricane Wrestling Academy
112 Moore, Mason Hurricane Wrestling Academy
112 Williams, Conner Black Fox Wrestling
112 Wyrick, Cason Team Grind House
119 Cabrera, Destiny Henryetta Knights Wrestling
119 Cherry, ty Dark Cloud Wrestling
119 Husband, Logan Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
119 Moore, Sean Warner Eagle Wrestling Club
119 Ruiz, Aiden Sallisaw Takedown Club
119 Watson, Tucker Henryetta Knights Wrestling
126 Alsteen, Parker Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
126 Casey, Jaydon Checotah Matcats
126 England, Braxton Henryetta Knights Wrestling
126 Faulkner, Bryson Black Fox Wrestling
126 FLEMING, ETHAN Locust Grove (Pirate Wrestling)
126 Gray, Christian Henryetta Knights Wrestling
126 Johnson, Jaiden Fort Gibson Tiger Wrestling
126 McClelland, Colby Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)
126 Senephimmachack, Carter Hurricane Wrestling Academy
132 Faulkner, Cash Henryetta Knights Wrestling
132 Flynn, Connor Vian Wrestling Club
132 Hunt, Garritt Vian Wrestling Club
132 mendenhall, benjamin COWETA TIGER WRESTLING
140 Cannon, Preston Warner Eagle Wrestling Club
140 Pierce, Dejay Muskogee Rougher Wrestling
140 Thorton, Tres Wagoner Takedown Club
155 Drake, Lubbock Warner Eagle Wrestling Club
155 Hamric, Tayler Henryetta Knights Wrestling
155 Robinson, Jude Black Fox Wrestling
155 Thomas, Bryson Collinsville Cardinal Wrestling
170 Madron, Omari Poteau Youth Wrestling Academy
170 Paden, Andrew Henryetta Knights Wrestling
170 Sheppard, Kelton Wagoner Takedown Club
170 Wiley, Tristan Vian Wrestling Club
195 Montgomery, Charles Daniel Berryhill Wrestling
195 Moua , Rhylyn Dark Cloud Wrestling
285 Grant III, Solomon Poteau Youth Wrestling Academy
285 SITSLER, JOSHUA Locust Grove (Pirate Wrestling)