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HBT Grapplers Novice Best of the SouthWest

Div I
37 Bowman, Channing Weatherford Youth
37 Castleberry, Dane Geary
37 Emerson, Cooper Team Worx
37 Penner, Aden Weatherford Youth
40 Harrall, Karver Geary
40 Hartford, Haily Weatherford Youth
40 Holmes, Ryker HBT Grapplers
40 McCarther, Daxon Clinton Youth Wrestling
40 MIller, Cade Geary
40 Richardson, Van Weatherford Youth
40 Smith, Riley HBT Grapplers
43 Coalson, Raiden Weatherford Youth
43 Cross, Cade Weatherford Youth
43 Ledford, Hatchett HBT Grapplers
43 SISK, TEEGAN Team Worx
46 Copeland, Keasten HBT Grapplers
46 Dean, Ryder HBT Grapplers
46 Huckabay, Channing Weatherford Youth
46 Jackson, Zayden HBT Grapplers
46 Nunez, Blake Jr Team Worx
46 Waldroop, Brentley Team Worx
49 Coalson, Everette Weatherford Youth
49 Coleman, Raylen Geary
49 Hartford, Hunter Weatherford Youth
49 McEwen, Wesson Elgin Grapplers
52 Faulkner, Jodon HBT Grapplers
52 Sorter, Brently Clinton Youth Wrestling
55 Earls, Dillen HBT Grapplers
55 Kline, Knox HBT Grapplers
60 Frank, Stacey Clinton Youth Wrestling
60 Ledford, Creek HBT Grapplers
66 Cardwell, Elijah Clinton Youth Wrestling
HWT Williams, Samuel HBT Grapplers
Div II
46 West, Lason Weatherford Youth
49 Lankford, Gunner HBT Grapplers
52 Guenther, Miles Team Worx
52 Rojo, Jeremiah Team Worx
52 Rose, Troy Team Worx
52 Watson, Landon Team Worx
55 Hamlett, Colton HBT Grapplers
55 Penner, Alivia Weatherford Youth
58 Holmes, Zayde HBT Grapplers
58 Lee, Easton Elgin Grapplers
61 Smith, Xander Weatherford Youth
67 Harris, Logan HBT Grapplers
67 Palomo, Naomi HBT Grapplers
75 Clift, Kalen Elgin Grapplers
75 Obrajero, Daniel Team Worx
83 Sims, Jaxon HBT Grapplers
55 Jackson, Jaidyn HBT Grapplers
55 Kehrberg, Trevor Elgin Grapplers
58 Allgood, CJ Weatherford Youth
64 Lankford, Ashton HBT Grapplers
64 Smith, Landon Elgin Grapplers
67 King, Tatum HBT Grapplers
73 Willis, Zoey Team Worx
80 Cardenas, Tristan Clinton Youth Wrestling
80 Ledford, Rion Weatherford Youth
90 Owenby, Jack Team Worx
90 Welch, Landyn HBT Grapplers
100 Polm, Curtis HBT Grapplers
120 Quezada, Celina Elgin Grapplers
131 VanHorn, Aiden HBT Grapplers
Div IV
80 Wald, Landon Watonga Blaine County Grapplers
84 King, AJ HBT Grapplers
96 Moses, Cooper Weatherford Youth
120 Hamlett, Shawn HBT Grapplers
130 Mullins, Jonavin Weatherford Youth
160 Morris, Sheltin HBT Grapplers