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Results: 2016-2017

Battle on Main Street   -   Div III
(Note: ** indicates 6+ entries in the bracket)

70 (Not Placed) Chi Sanders S Team Worx

85 (Not Placed) Brayden Garrison S Guymon Wrestling Club

131 (Not Placed) Jace Allred NE Morris Eagles Wrestling Club

85 (Not Placed) Jayda (Pinkston) Bear NW Mojo Grappling

120 (Not Placed) Landon Pope NW Stillwater Pioneer - Law

64 (Not Placed) Nickalous Fox C El Reno

100 (Not Placed) Jared Law C El Reno

100 (Not Placed) Grady Lesperance C El Reno

HWT (Not Placed) Eric Parker C El Reno

67 (Not Placed) Dakota Cox S Watonga Blaine County Grapplers

90 (Not Placed) Chris Garcia S Watonga Blaine County Grapplers

70 (Not Placed) Izaiah Furra NW TULSA BLUE T XTREME

100 (Not Placed) Naea Corbin NW Henryetta Knights Wrestling

80 (Not Placed) Braxton England NW Henryetta Knights Wrestling

80 (Not Placed) Cash Faulkner NW Henryetta Knights Wrestling

85 (Not Placed) JAMES MILLER NW Henryetta Knights Wrestling

131 (Not Placed) Carlos Cardosa S Geary

HWT (Not Placed) Blade McIntosh C Norman Grappling Club

76 (Not Placed) Masyn Matanane C Norman Grappling Club

73 (Not Placed) Gabriel Griffin C Norman Grappling Club

100 (Not Placed) Bodie Adams NE Sallisaw Takedown Club

131 (Not Placed) Sy Phipps C Jr. Patriots

61 (Not Placed) Jarrett Patty S Ardmore Takedown Club

100 (Not Placed) Colin Hart S Elgin Grapplers

64 (Not Placed) Hunter Jackson S Elgin Grapplers

67 (Not Placed) Sky Jolly S Pauls Valley Pinners

85 (Not Placed) Ian Mitchell S Piedmont

131 (Not Placed) Zeke Keith C Noble TakeDown Club

67 (Not Placed) Daniel Prior C Noble TakeDown Club

76 (Not Placed) Brandon Sharp C Noble TakeDown Club

70 (Not Placed) Tristian Buchanan C Lexington TDC

85 (Not Placed) Cash Sessions C Lexington TDC

70 (Not Placed) Dylan Bratt S Chickasha

55 (Not Placed) Canaan Brummett S Chickasha

70 (Not Placed) Tuff Burnney S Chickasha

100 (Not Placed) Brayden Dougherty S Chickasha

120 (Not Placed) Shane Lovejoy C Newcastle Youth Wrestling