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Results: 2016-2017

(Note: ** indicates 6+ entries in the bracket)

64 (Not Placed) CJ Longan NW Perry Youth Wrestling

64 (Not Placed) Dominic Graff NE Bixby Wrestling Club

61 (Not Placed) Dax Davis NE Bixby Wrestling Club

67 (Not Placed) Jake Wassom NE Salina Wrestling Club (SWC)

83 (Not Placed) Chris Perry NE Muskogee Rougher Wrestling

52 (Not Placed) Khloe Kenney NE Inola Wrestling Club

58 (Not Placed) Jarrett Diacon NE Inola Wrestling Club

43 (Not Placed) Ty Walter NE R.A.W.

55 (Not Placed) Gavin Wallace NE R.A.W.

52 (Not Placed) Luke Walker NE R.A.W.

70 (Not Placed) Elijah Smith NE R.A.W.

52 (Not Placed) Zechariah Tecumseh NW Mojo Grappling

61 (Not Placed) Jace Hagy NW Mojo Grappling

58 (Not Placed) Ethan Bunner NW Mojo Grappling

46 (Not Placed) Izzayah Bear NW Mojo Grappling

49 (Not Placed) Quinton (McGirt) Burgess NW Mojo Grappling

52 (Not Placed) Grant Provencher NE R.A.W.

58 (Not Placed) Alex Reed NE Brushy Wrestling Club

67 (Not Placed) Madison Pagonis NE TEAM TULSA